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Lifting Groups

Lifting Groups Lifting Groups Lifting

Lifting Groups

Bvs Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry work with lifting groups in compact body having high technology at standard lifting groups. Lifting tonnage varies between 1 ton and 63 tons and there are lifting groups according to FEM standards. At compact body lifting groups, it may carry load with accurate speed and high speed with double revolution motor. 

Also BVS is the leading company in Turkey that is able to manufacture its own reducer and provides solution with open type lifting groups when special lifting speeds are asked in line with the customer requests. Open type lifting groups having BVS reducer may be used for load carrying works at accurate speeds as double revolution motor or single revolution driving system.

For process cranes, specially manufactured motor and reducers are used for crane sector at international area at lifting groups. Lifting groups are manufactured for 500 tons and over capacities due to such motor/reducers manufactured for heavy duty conditions.

Bvs Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry provides competition advantage with the size of its indoor area, human resources, financial structure, project designing and production processes as well as it creates difference in terms of date of delivery by manufacturing numerous cranes simultaneously without any problem.


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